Now is the time to get birth defects in check!
Donate to the Birth Defects Research Fund.
Check out line 61 on your 2000 California
income tax form.

What is the Birth Defects Research Fund?

The Legislature and Governor established the Birth Defects Research Fund in 1999 to address the urgent need for additional research funding in the fight against birth defects. All proceeds support the work of the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program. The Fund is line 61 on the 2000 California income tax form.

What is the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program?

The Program is a unique public-private partnership, jointly administered by the California Department of Health Services and the March of Dimes. The Program's mission is to find causes of birth defects. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designated the Program as a Center for Excellence in Birth Defects Research.

Since its creation in 1982 the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program has become one of the most successful birth defects research programs in the world, publishing more than 200 articles in scientific and medical journals.

What will your contribution do?

All of your donation will help identify birth defects causes. The Program has discovered:

  • Over-the-counter medications increase risk for serious abdominal defects
  • Home pesticide use is linked to heart and spinal defects
  • Maternal infections are associated with cerebral palsy.

Studies continue on genes, drinking water, nutrition and stress. The Program is on the cutting edge of birth defects research and is providing critical information that will open the doors to birth defects prevention in our lifetime.