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Mental Retardation & Neurodevelopmental Birth Defects
State of California (University of California, President’s Office)

National Birth Defects Prevention Study
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers of Excellence for Surveillance Research Service and Evaluation Aimed at Birth Defects)

Genetic & Environmental Risks for Spina Bifida
Centers for Disease Control (Centers of Excellence for Surveillance Research Service and Evaluation Aimed at Birth Defects)

Exogenous Stressors And Birth Defects Risks
National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Children’s Health and Development (NICHD)

Birth Defects, Smoking and Host Susceptibility
University of California, Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program

Folate Pathway Genes and Risk for Orofacial Clefts

National Institutes of Health/ National Institute of Children's Health and Development (NICHD)

Gene-Environment Interaction and Human Malformations
Environmental Protection Agency

Program Project Grant
National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) (subcontract with University Nebraska Medical Center)

Down Syndrome
National Institutes of Health (subcontract with Emory University/ Public Health Institute)


bullet Barbara Abrams, University of California, Berkeley
bullet Henk Blom, University of Niejmegan
bullet James Bristow, US DOE Joint Genome Institute
bullet Mary Croughan, University of California, San Francisco
bullet Cynthia Curry, University of California, San Francisco
bullet KC Donnely,Texas A&M School of Public Health
bullet Richard Finnell, Institute Biological Sciences and Technology, Texas A& M University
bullet Robert Greene, University of Louisville
bullet Edward Lammer, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute
bullet Bill Lasley, University of California , Davis
bullet Christopher Loffredo, Georgetown University
bullet Jeanne Manson, The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
bullet Beth Mayer-Davis, University of South Carolina, Columbia
bullet Max Muenke, National Institutes of Health
bullet Jeff Murray, University of Iowa
bullet Richard Olney, National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control
bullet Andrew Olshan, University of North Carolina
bullet Beate Ritz, University of California, Los Angeles
bullet Thomas Rosenquist, University of Nebraska
bullet Donna Schaffer, Kaiser Permanente
bullet Steve Selvin, University of California, Berkeley
bullet Anne Slavotinek, University of California, San Francisco
bullet Roger Stevenson, Greenwood Genetics Center, South Carolina
bullet Claudine Torfs, Public Health Institute
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